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World Happiness Day: Discover the Top 5 Places in Africa Where You Can Find Happiness

Still in the more of celebration of World’s Happiness Day, we thought to compile a list of places on the continent you are sure to find happiness.

Of course, every corner on the world’s second-largest continent contains its own magic as vibrant Africans everywhere bring much character and humor to themselves and others each day. As such, this list is by no means exhaustive, but simply highlights a few unique characteristics of a few African countries.

1.Dakar, Senegal – Food

Senegalese jollof is truly the definition of happiness in your mouth. Local to the region, ceebu jen or thieboudienne is the ancestor of today’s jollof rice. Broken rice is cooked in fresh fish and tomato broth. The fish is stuffed with a spiced parsley and the cooked rice is the garnished with the fish and loads of large cut root vegetables like sweet potato, carrots, yucca and cabbage.

2. Marrakesh, Morocco – Spice

This historic city is so filled with character and flavor that it is sure to make anyone smile. The city is known around the world for its rich assortment of unique spices, including those native to the area such as argan oil.

3.Kigali, Rwanda – Tech Darling


This clean East African darling African city is sure to give you lots to smile about. Led by the magnetic and charismatic president, Paul Kagame, the country has developed itself into a tech magnet of the world.

4. Lago Niassa, Mozambique – Sights

Dubbed one of Africa’s best kept secret, Lago Niassa also known as Lake Malawi in Malawi and Lake Nyasa in Tanzania is the third largest lake in Africa and the ninth largest in the world. It is nicknamed the “the calendar lake” because of its approximate dimensions, 365 miles north to the south and 52 miles wide.

The freshwater lake has a large diversity of fish and its sea like temperament makes it perfect for water sports such as kayaking, sailing, scuba diving and water skiing.

5. Nubia, Sudan – Discover Ancient History

Sudan has the most numerous pyramids in the world, 220 existing pyramids to be exact. Though much smaller, the Nubian Meroe pyramids are just as impressive as the more famous Egyptian ones. Sudan’s secluded Nubian pyramids in ancient Meroe, the capital of the Kingdom of Kush are located in northeast Sudan, near the Nile river, in an area known as Nubia. They can be found in three clusters near a group of villages called Bagrawiyah.

Any visitor who makes the trip to this ancient site is sure to be happy: what a sight for sore eyes!


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