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World Cup 2018: Meet the Youngest, Biggest and the Most Expensive Selection

The world cup starts in a few days. During this competition, 32 teams will compete in Russia, with a total of 736 players. Today, Afrikmag makes you discover the unusual figures of this international competition, especially with the youngest player, the oldest, the biggest but also the most expensive selection.

And the biggest of the competition is …

With his 2.01m, Croatian goalkeeper Lovre Kalinic wins the prize of the greatest player in the world. After him come Thibaut Courtois from Belgium and defender Jannik Verstergaard from Denmark who are 1m99. By cons, the smallest player is the Saudi Yahya Al-Sheri with his 1m64.

Between the dean and the youngest, there is 26 years difference

World 2018: The youngest, the biggest, the most expensive ... Men and numbers!


The oldest of the competition comes from Egypt. This is Essam El Hadary, the top of his 45 years. The Pharaoh’s doorman has totaled 154 caps for a 22-year career but is in his first World Cup appearance. Moreover, the youngest of the competition, comes from Australia. This is Daniel Arzani, born two weeks after Kylian Mbappé in 1999.

The most expensive team is …

World 2018: The youngest, the biggest, the most expensive ... Men and numbers!

The palm of the most expensive team is to give to the Blues. It costs 1.04 billion euros, against 1.03 for Spain that comes just after. Then come Brazil, Germany and England. At the same time, France has the second youngest team in the competition with an average age of 26 years. She comes after Nigeria with 25.9 years.

 120 players in the Premier League

World 2018: The youngest, the biggest, the most expensive ... Men and numbers!

The 2018 World Cup will be a real title fight. Indeed, it brings together 375 players of the Premier League. Manchester City will see 16 of its players on the green carpet, Real Madrid 15, Barça 14, as well as PSG. There will also be 12 players from Tottenham and Chelsea. In total, the competition will see 120 players from the English league, 81 from Spain, 67 from Germany, 58 from Italy and 49 from France.


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