World Cup 2018: Manchester United Legend Eric Cantona Makes Fun of Neymar’s Spaghetti Hairstyle

Manchester United legend Eric Cantona made football fans laugh when he made fun of Brazilian Neymar’s new haircut. He threw a plate of spaghetti on his head in a photo he shared on his Instagram page.


The Paris Saint-Germain striker is one of the biggest stars in the World Cup this summer. His country is one of the favorites to raise the trophy. But the 26-year-old’s haircut was more seen than his performance on the field. What made people talk.

Twitter was ‘ignited’ against Neymar, which cost 222 million euros to PSG. Internet users accuse him of not having put too much effort in Brazil-Switzerland which ended in a draw (1-1) in Rostov on Sunday.

Many said that his haircut made him look like he had noodles or spaghetti on his head.


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