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World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi’s Mother Reacts After the Defeat of Argentina

Lionel Messi has received the support of his mother, Celia Messi, after he was the target of several critics for his missed penalty against Iceland and their crushing defeat against Croatia yesterday.

Celia Messi has hinted that it is painful for her to know that her son’s loyalty to his country is in doubt. She denied the allegation that Messi does not feel the same passion when playing for Albiceleste.

“We suffer the criticism that Leo receives when we say that he is not proud when he wears the Argentinian jersey or plays for his country by obligation. This is not true. If you have seen it, as we have seen it suffer and cry, you would not say the same thing, “she told the UK television quoted by UK Sun.

World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi's mother reacts after the defeat of Argentina

“Here in Rosario, he has the support of his entire family. I would give everything for it to be his World Cup. Fortunately, people love him and pass on their love to him and he appreciates that. I think he’s optimistic and his dream is to win a World Cup. That’s what he wants most and I told him that his whole family is with him. “


And even Diego Maradona, considered a living God in Argentina, came in support to clear him of his poor performance against Iceland. “I do not think Argentina’s match and the two points lost (after the draw against Iceland) are due to Messi’s missed penalty,” he told Venezuelan channel Telesur.

However, despite the incredible performance of Lionel Messi, football fans believe that the Argentine captain is still far from breaking the records established by the legend of all time Albiceleste, Diego Maradona.

World Cup 2018: Lionel Messi's mother reacts after the defeat of Argentina

After a crushing 0-3 loss to Croatia, Argentina is now on the brink. Argentinian fans will have to pray that Iceland will not win against Nigeria this Friday.

It must be said that the Albiceleste is under fire from critics for a few months as Lionel Messi, regularly accused of not to invest 100% in this selection. Defender Ansaldo recalled at a press conference “the burden” of the Argentine prodigy on his shoulders and said that despite all that, he was fine. “That makes us feel good too,” he said.


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