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World Cup 2018: Ghana Want To Replay Their Match Against Uganda (Video)

The Ghana Football Association (GFA) filed a complaint with FIFA for a resumption of the game, due to a goal unfairly denied to Ghanaians in the 93rd minute of the match against Uganda. A match that ended in a 0-0 draw.

The Black Stars, still 3rd in Group E, had to pass before their opponent if this goal had been validated. They are still two points away from Uganda (6 points versus 8).

In their complaint filed with FIFA, La GFA said: “Referee Bennett and his assistants refused a valid goal in Ghana in the 93rd minute and a penalty a bit earlier in the second half. “The GFA therefore asks FIFA to consider the possibility of having this final round replayed on a 0-0 score”

Confirming their decision, they shared several messages on Twitter.

“The GFA filed a complaint with FIFA just after the match at Mandela National Stadium in Kampala. Mr. Bennett and the assistants refused Ghana a regular goal in the 93rd minute, as shown by the TV images, “one of the tweets said.



“The referee also denied a penalty to Ghana at the start of the second half when Ghanaian midfielder Frank Acheampong was knocked into the penalty area. This and several other decisions taken by the arbitrators leave no other option to the GFA than to ask FIFA to open an inquiry into their arbitration “.

At the end of the match, Ghana coach Kwesi Appiah said: “I think it was a good goal because the goalkeeper hit the ball.” Following the qualification of Egypt, Ghana is now eliminated from the World Cup.


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