You Won’t Believe What They Found In This 1930’s Safe

Who hasn’t wanted to have a chance to open an old safe and see what glories rest inside.  Well these gentlemen had that opportunity when their grandmothers friend passed away and left a safe with treasure from the 1930’s in the garage locked away with all kinds of unique goodies.  Here is the story as it unfolded.

Front of the safe

We tried the angle grinder first

Then switched to the air chisel

The safe was lined with this white substance. We were concerned it was asbestos but the internet told us it was probably just gypsum or plaster of paris.

Safety first!

It was lined with tin and wood

Smashing away


The first view of the contents

Lost of papers and letters, and a wood box

Some of the papers. Lots of insurance, law and mortgage papers. We’re pretty sure the owner was a landlord.

Found in the wood box. Looks like some costume jewelry.

Also found in the wood box. More costume jewlery.

The inside of the safe. We thought it was empty but we spotted a metal box near the top.

And here it is.

One of the boxes in the metal box. Looks like some thimbles, necklaces and rings.

Necklace found in the box. It had a label from Naples.

Locket in the box. No special markings

Bad pic of a tiny ivory elephant

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