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Women Must Stop Living with their Parents Before Marriage, According to a Reverend

Nigerian Reverend Laurie Idahosa revealed the need for a woman to be independent and stop living in her parents’ house before marriage.

In an interview with Plus TV, the preacher revealed that she had left her parents’ home to be independent at age 17. Laurie Idahosa said that it is necessary to be independent, because sometimes marriage does not match what is expected and adults should learn to take responsibility.

“A woman should be independent before marriage. In the Bible, the 31st proverbian woman is a very hardworking woman who does remarkable things, supervises things, does something, so a woman should not wait to be married before she can decide on her life. “

“Once you’re an adult, there’s nothing wrong for you to go to the intended part of your life, young adult women should have the freedom to explore life, business, opportunities and dreams.”


“I do not believe that a woman should stay in her father’s house until marriage, a responsible young adult should take responsibility, sometimes you get married and then you discover that this is not what you expecting “

Regarding the independent life before marriage, she says:

“Responsibility is something that is gained by step. I left my parents’ house at age 17 and moved in with a hairdresser friend and started to experience life even before school. I became independent, but even in my independence, I still had a relationship with my parents, they were always involved in my life. “

“Even today, they still know my finances, my choices, and so on. A parenting relationship and independence are important for a young adult woman and also give a woman the opportunity not to be caged. “


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