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Women Forced to Give Birth Alone, Girls Sold as Slaves, R*ped, Tortured: Women Tell Their Daily Lives In The Islamic State, Daesh!!

Women forced to give birth alone, girls sold as slaves, mistreatment … Women who have fled the areas controlled by Daesh tell the daily horror and violence in this “tyrannical state under the influence of Satan”.

They had joined the Syrian territories controlled by the Islamic State from their countries of origin, sometimes accompanied by their husbands, hoping to live in the strict respect of Islam: several women testify to RT, having succeeded in Escape, the hell they have discovered and the calvary they have endured.


Khadija, who came from Tunisia with her husband in the hope of finding in Raqqa a Muslim community welded and pious, bitterly regrets his choice. “My husband and I made a terrible mistake when we went there,” she says. Speaking to those who believe that the Islamic state is pursuing religious aims, she urges them not to be fooled: “The Islamic state is not a Muslim state, it does not preach Islam and sharia And does not live in accordance with the principles of the prophet and the Quran. ”

The young woman recounts the atmosphere of terror in which she spent three years of her life, the summary executions and the cruelty of the combatants towards the civilians. “Anyone who dares protest is beheaded without warning,” she says. The daily atrocities in the territories controlled by the Islamic state have made it clear. “These people are not on the right path: their tyrannical state is under the control of Satan,” she said.

Recognizing their mistake, Khadija and her husband then decided to flee Raqqa from the south in order to reach the city of Mayadin, then Turkey. On this perilous road, she will have been able to measure the extent of the cruelty of the members of the Islamic State. “What suffering in all these places where women and children lived!” She recalls. “The children had lice, sometimes scabies, and were never treated,” she says.


The terrible fate of women and children

But the most frightening remains, according to her, the fate reserved for women. At the slightest misconduct, they are placed in precarious dormitories with the appearance of prison, under the strict authority of supervisors with “repugnant” behavior: lack of hygiene, bad treatment, women forced to give birth alone … Khadija Remembers the fate of an inmate who, while she begged to be helped to give birth, received only the coldest indifference on the part of the supervisors: “She went to the garden, Bleeding abundantly … She remained there all night in the rain, in the cold: no one took care of her, not even her husband who, the next morning, passing before his body spread out on the ground, Has pretended not to see her, as if nothing had happened,

Another glacial reality of life in the Islamic state: the current and expanding practice of slavery. In addition to their wives, combatants often have sexual slaves, with a status comparable to that of an object, which can be abused, exchanged or offered as a gift to a third party. Most of them, very young Yezidi girls, live separately from the matrimonial couple.

Nour al-Khuda, a young Lebanese woman following her husband’s indoctrination in Syria, describes the frightful mechanics of this flourishing trade. Minor girls, sometimes 8 years old, are regularly sold in markets. “Nothing is more important in their eyes than the appearance of girls: they make up for better selling them, usually for the equivalent of 13,000 euros, but sometimes up to 26,000 euros for young virgins” , She explains. It is estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 Yezidi are held captive by the Islamic state.

The fate reserved for official wives is hardly more brilliant. They have no freedom and no respect. Married against their will most of the time, they are assigned a new husband officially after the death of their husband in combat.



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