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Women Entrepreneurial Hackathon- Press Release

Multiplication of innovation and the capacity to use it in upsetting conventional arrangements or in taking care of issues is the new edge!
The approach of mushrooming start-up urban areas from Silicon Valley in Califonia, to Silicon indirect in London or Silicon Savannah in Kenya, are the new standard in advancement. In these hip parts of the world, you can’t walk five feet without catching a hackathon. They come in all shapes and sizes: There’s a hack for almost every viewpoint we have to discover an answer for these days.
Women still make up the minority of workers in science, technology, and engineering fields. IBU Hub Africa, has set apart the common trend of Hackathons, with the flagship, Young Entrepreneurial Women (YEW!) Hack, a hackathon that has brought together for the first time in Zimbabwe, 30 female only participants this year between the ages of 14 and 24 years, from across the country to Hack issues affecting women in Zimbabwe.
The Hack was organised by IBU Hub Africa. The all-women exclusive YEW! Hack kicked off on the 17th of August our partners from the African Leadership Academy taking the girls through the BUILD-In-A-Box concept to prepare them for the Hack.  This was then followed up with a full day’s event of the young ladies putting together solutions within their teams.
This will be an annual event from our launch and propose to increase the number of women each year. The hackathon is made to be low-pressure–ideal, for first-time young entrepreneurial hackathon participants (100% of this year’s hackers will have never participated in a hackathon before), and welcoming to programming beginners.
The Hackathon objective was set for participants  to address service delivery problems in zimbabwe. Solutions proposed ranged form the monetary queuing problems in Zimbabwe, payments for the transport sector and ICT opportunity matching for girls. The runner up team looked at linking farmers with markets and the winning team came up with a  student accomodation solution, in a unique way. The winnng team will be incubated for six-months, in order to prepare for the Anzisha prize competition, where they will participatie in with  other pan-african teams and stand a chance to win $100K to make their solution a business reality.
“The word ‘hackathon’ itself is kind of daunting,” says one of our facilitators. “For me as a developer, we all want to instill this idea that it’s not this super secret society of people who can program. Anyone can do it. You just have to take little bites at a time.”
YEW Hack is part of a larger infrastructure that’s coming up to support female developers and young entrepreneurs around Zimbabwe. The network of people coming together to support grow and mentor Young Entrepreneurs and small businesses within our country. “We’re realising that we’re all there to support each other.”
IBU HUB Africa is always looking for new partners to come on board to support the initiatives and programs to ensure we can create a sustainable ecosystem within Zimbabwe as Entrepreneurship is at the heart of sustainable, organic growth for most developed as well as developing economies and incubators have often served as catalysts and even accelerators of entrepreneurial formation and growth. For more information contact [email protected]
These initiatives are more important in less developed economies where incubators can bring world trends and help bridge knowledge gap and even cultural divides and help increase the availability, awareness, accessibility and affordability of financial, human, intellectual and even social capital, the key ingredients of entrepreneurial success. IBU HUB Africa amongst many others is demonstrating the importance of innovation in emerging markets, particularly in promoting diversity in participation.

Written by How Africa

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