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Woman’s Rare Condition Has Left Her With A Hand the Size af a Football

A Bangladeshi housewife’s rare condition that has swelled up her fingers and palm to giant proportions has left doctors baffled.

Afroza Begum, 36, has an unknown medical condition where her right hand has swollen to the size of a football. Her fingers have abnormally grown thick and have lost shape.

She hardly has any strength in the right hand and relies entirely on her left hand for day to day chores.

She said: “I’ve had this ever since birth, I was born with the condition. I think I had it even when I was in my mother’s womb. It was small but eventually it started growing. Now the blisters grow on my hand and they itch badly – but it never hurts.”
The hand swelled so fast she couldn’t afford treatment, she had now been referred to a plastic surgeon but she can’t afford the fees.
“I want to get treatment but it is beyond my capacity,” she said.
“The blisters are only growing bigger and now they bother me.”

Despite the condition, she manages to complete everyday chores with just one hand – including cleaning, and sweeping.
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