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Woman Who Purposely Faked 10,000s Of Black Drug Test Results Walks Free From Prison!!


Seriously, this country is beyond a mess! Annie Dookhan is walking free, after giving a guilty charge to faking results, giving false testimony and switching drug samples over 9 years working in a state lab. She is thought to have tampered with over 40,000 cases, many black people’s samples, on purpose, and possibly sent up to 20,000 black people to prison.

Her crime has been one of hate, on par with a serial killer, in my humble opinion. Even if every person wrongfully jailed is released she has still killed the lives of many.

And now, Dookhan walks free, thanks to the amazing justice system that’s only given her a 3-5 year slap on the wrist sentence for her heinous crime.1 It seems she may not really server any time at all.



The Boston Glove reported:

Darren Duarte, a department spokesman, wrote in an e-mail Tuesday that Dookhan had been paroled and is no longer in custody at MCI-Framingham, where she had been serving her sentence.

The Parole Board, in a decision dated Feb. 24, found she was a low-risk, nonviolent offender, with no previous record.

“Completed multiple programs and incurred no disciplinary reports,” the board noted in its decision. “Release not incompatible with best interest of society.”1

How big a deal was the Dookhan case? These numbers help tell the story.

One member of the board noted that more than 40 letters of support had been submitted on Dookhan’s behalf and that she was “very remorseful.”

I guess this sends a very clear message. Dookan is protected and the lives she destroyed are still worthless.

Details, Boston Globe:

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