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Woman Who Predicted the Fall of The Twin Towers Has Bad News for 2016 And There’s More!

Vangelia Pandeva Dimitrova, known as Vanga, was born a property which was once an apple of discord for a lengthy span between Serbia, in the territory of Macedonia that was modern, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece. She was buried in the churchyard of the Saint Petca Church in the Rupite area in Bulgaria.
In different camps in her native state, the Serbs and Bulgarians were fighting during both World Wars. This girl was known as among the great visionaries of the 20th century, as she’s precisely forecast many of the great world events.

In a tornado which swept her away, Vanga lost her vision at the age of 12. She was not dead and covered with dirt and rocks when she was located, and her eyes were full of sand, causing blindness.
Her forecasts started at the age of 16, when she helped her dad locate a stolen sheep from his herd. Vanga gave an accurate description of where the burglars had hidden the sheep. Nevertheless, just after she turned 30, did shape was taken by her powers of foreseeing. Vanga was visited by many statesmen, among which was Adolf Hitler. Individuals found him leaving her house rather troubled.
Although she died in 1996, she predicted a lot of events and world-wide disasters, like the tsunami in 2004, or the attack on the Twin towers. One of her omens is currently appearing to be fulfilled, and that is that “Muslims will invade Europe” in 2016. According to her, China will become the first top electricity on earth, replacing the worn U.S. in the year of 2018, and that same year “a new kind of energy” will be discovered on Venus by a space probe.


And this is’t the end of her prophecies. After being attacked by the steel fowl the American brethren will fall. The wolves will be howling in a bush, and innocent blood will be gushing.”
Her forecasts sadly happened as all of US know. In September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center Towers in Nyc, dubbed as “Brothers” or “Twins” were attacked by “the steel fowl”- passenger planes driven by terrorists. The surname of the current president was clearly related in the Vanga’s prophecy to the “Bush”.
Regarding the 2004 tsunami in the shore of Thailand, she said: “An enormous wave will cover a substantial coast with villages and individuals where everything vanishes under water.” Another of her prophecies is that the orbit of the Earth will change, that will set fire in the “Middle east” and will “ melt the posts”.
Furthermore, Vanga predicted that in 2043 a “superb Islamic war will would commence in Syria culminating in entire control of Rome” She also said that the definitive Caliphate would be created, and that “Europe would cease to exist, to become a continent “almost empty “and” wastelands devoid of any sort of life.”
It surely did after 20 years although in that period this prophecy did’t make any sense.

Besides the prophecies that were devastating, Vanga has also called some exotic ones, like a potential war on Mars in 3005, and that in 2130, aliens will help folks to live submerged.
This is her list of forecasts for the distant and near future:
2016- Folks will try to find other sources of energy to Earth
2023- The posts will melt and the water level will raise
2025- Communism will return to the remaining part of the world and Europe
2028- Europe will be invaded by Muslims
2033- The Earth’s orbit will drastically change
2076- The Europe inhabitants will disappear because of wars
2100-As a result of a scientific project in 2008, a new artificial sun will illuminate the shadowy side of earth, that will use nuclear energy.

2130- a war on Mars will changes The trajectory of the planet
2187- extraterrestrial civilizations might visit Our planet
2262- There will be a drought that is global
2480- Eruption of two big volcanoes
3005- Mars threatens
after two artificial suns collide The Earth is in complete darkness
3797-The Earth perishes but humans has adequately improved to go to a brand new solar system.
5079-End of the Universe


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