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Woman and Muscle; This Is What Body-building Teaches Us About The Feminine Metamorphoses

Senegal-France: Khoudiedji Sidibé, aka Tjiki Sidibé, Vice-Champion of the World 2012. Following the evolutions of this great personality of the competitions of the female muscle is the opportunity to observe the ongoing transformations of the feminine. As for women’s football, muscle is no longer reserved for men.

The world of muscle is a strange world of enthusiasts, men and women, who train every day for 1 hour, sometimes 5 hours, and control their diet to the nearest calorie and drink strange drinks made of protein extracts powder so to help their muscles grow. They are demanding sportsmen whose objective is to make of their body a sculpture able to seduce their jury.

We can estimate the number of practitioners to more than 30 million people, almost a country, including  Khoudiedji Sidibé , aka Tjiki, would be a vice-queen haloed its title of vice-world champion 2012.

PHOTO:  Our vice-champion world, friend of Franco-Senegalese Omar SY:



In Spain, for the ARNOLD CLASSICS competition, with Arnaold SWHARZENEGGER


The living sculpture of a new ideal of the feminine?

Tjiki is a very beloved person, very natural is simple. She also has an extraordinary ambition, an iron will. Some would say she “knows what she wants”, and nothing can distract her from becoming a world champion in her discipline! The picture below shows this reinvention of femininity, mixing strength, aesthetics and sensuality. French and African woman at a time.


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