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WNBA Disciplines Players For Their Action In Support #BlackLivesMatter


In recent weeks, several players in the American League has supported the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing a black T-shirt in the warm up. These protests are in response to numerous police violence taking place in the country. Lynx players have nothing displayed on the floor but at the press conference with a tee “Change Starts With Us”.


Except that the WNBA did not like the transgression of the dress code of his players, despite the fact that they brought a formal shirt Adidas partner of the league. These will have to pay a fine of $ 500 each. The three franchises (New York, Phoenix, Indiana) are concerned about they have to pay 5000 dollars.

In its statement, the WNBA President Lisa Borders said she was still proud of the commitment of his players but did not accept that they do not conform to the guidelines of the league regarding uniforms.

A decision that no unanimity among players. Some even expressed their disappointment on social networks, linstar of Mistie Bass .



Do not say we-have a voice and fine us Then Because We use it. #notpuppets#cutthestrings

– Mistie Bass (@A_Phoenix_Born) July 21, 2016


If I had a dollar for every tear I’ve Cried over the injustices of our country ….

– Mistie Bass (@A_Phoenix_Born) July 21, 2016

Last year, NBA players were also mobilized with a tee “I can not breathe” to the following warm-up to the death of Eric Garner.


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