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Wiz Khalifa: “People are Going to Give Birth to Many Quarantine Babies Next Year”

American rapper, singer, songwriter and actor Cameron Jibril Thomaz known as Wiz Khalifa thinks there will be a lot of “quarantine” babies next year.

Wiz Khalifa made the statement via his Twitter account on day 3 of the quarantine of the citizens of his country.

Wiz Khalifa: "People are going to give birth to many quarantine babies next year"

“There will be many quarantined babies next year,” he wrote.


Due to the intensity of the coronavirus, many countries, including the United States, have ordered the closure of many establishments and public places.

Their motive is to limit the speed at which their citizens come into contact with the virus.

Donald Trump also advised everyone to stay indoors and limit their movements until further notice.

Well, the only fun at this point is “stay home and watch TV”.

Among lovers, sex will be the only solution to kill their boredom. This can lead to pregnancies leading to the delivery of “quarantine” babies.


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