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“Without a European Solution, It’s the end of Schengen”: Giuseppe Conte Warns Angela Merkel

In the midst of a political crisis in Germany, Angela Merkel received in Berlin the President of the Italian Council, Giuseppe Conte, whose views on immigration are diametrically opposed. But, willy-nilly, the Chancellor has been conciliatory.

Questioning her migration policy until her majority and in her government , Angela Merkel has made a low profile on 18 June 2018. On the occasion of her meeting in Berlin with the Italian Council President Giuseppe Conte, whose views on are diametrically opposed, the German Chancellor has striven to show solidarity. “Italy is one of the countries that receive the most migrants [on its coasts],” she acknowledged, calling for help to Italy, which seeks to reduce the number of arrivals on his territory. “We want to respond to Italy’s call for more solidarity and we hope that Germany will also be understood when it comes to solidarity in Europe on immigration issues,” she said. Reuters.

This reduction in the number of migrants joining Italy could go, according to the German Chancellor, to the processing of asylum applications at source, as for example in Libya. The Chancellor thus resumed a proposal of Giuseppe Conte, itself coming from an unsuccessful promise made by Emmanuel Macron in summer 2017 . However, the Chancellor has not ignored the chaotic situation of this country since the military intervention of Westerners in 2011. “In this case, the question is how the European Union could ensure a stable government in Libya She said at the end of the meeting, sending the answer back. “These are issues we will discuss in the coming months,” she added.

Our borders are also those of Europe: Italy can not continue to act alone


Received with military honors in the German capital, Giuseppe Conte did not let himself be moved. “We need European solutions, otherwise the bilateral initiatives [between states] will sign the end of Schengen,” he warned, quoted by the Italian daily La Repubblica . “Our borders are also those of Europe: Italy can not continue to act alone,” said the head of the Italian government. 

Angela Merkel  caught between two fires

In both Italy and Germany, time is running out. Angela Merkel is indeed confronted with a sling of the Christian Social Union (CSU), the sister party of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), and his Minister of the Interior, Horst Seehofer who asked him a ultimatum this June 18 on the migration issue. And in Italy, the government from the March 4 legislative elections, anti-system and anti-immigration, could show limited patience. Rome has shown its firmness by blocking the road to Aquarius and its 630 shipwrecked, causing tensions in the EU until the reception of the boat by Spain.  

The times ahead are so complicated for Angela Merkel. It seems difficult for the Chancellor to find a satisfactory solution both for her Bavarian allies CSU, on the alert, and for Italy, which calls for a more equitable distribution of asylum seekers in Europe.


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