Wirri Wirri: Senegalese Reality or Fiction??

It is true that the series broadcast on Senegalese TV channel, Tfm, broke unprecedented viewership records. villages in the depths of the countryside to the big cities of Senegal, success is immeasurable. In the debates and arguments of the broadcast aftermath of the cult series, the only subject that steals the show with all the others is the suspense and the vicissitudes of the Rising Sun actors.

However, it is natural to ask whether “Wirri Wirri” she is from Senegal or reality is what it is only an imaginary fiction?
Unlike “Coffee with” in “Wirri Wirri” decor is not only the courts and salons sewn villas Almadies or famous hotels of the place, in the series both sides of Senegalese society is shown , the rich as Croesus and the poor as Job.

On the choice of actors as the shade is striking, the presence of models and stars of the entertainment that characterizes the series Cheikh Seck Yerim is contrary to the spirit of the series of thiessois or mere actors and actresses are in the forefront .


The themes in production as inheritance, maraboutage, marriage and its sanctity are trampled today with the many cases of divorces and materialism that eventually gangrene of Senegalese society show how our compatriots are affected by this series.

In sum, one can safely say that with “Wirri Wirri” a television production to African sauce well steeped in our societal values and realities is possible, and it really needs at a time when imperialism has taken cultural habits, time or succession is prone to depravity in common measure, and as the saying African wisdom: “a man without culture is like a zebra without stripes.”



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