William Masvinu Dethroned And Banned For Life From Mr Ugly For Manhandling Sponsor

William Masvinu who recently won the Mr Ugly Pageant 2017 has been dethroned and banned for life from competing in the pageant. Masvinu was blacklisted for bringing the name of the Mr Ugly pageant into disrepute after he allegedly manhandled pageant sponsor Isaac Mutangadura demanding his $500 prize money after a delay in payment.

Mutangadura is the proprietor of Mtangaz Hideout. Masvinu has since been replaced as Mr Ugly 2017 by Fanuel Musekiwa (61) who was initially the first runner-up.


Pageant Organiser, David “Apama Styles,” Machowa said:

For winning the pageant, Masvinu was supposed to be given a bull but he opted to be given $500 in cash instead. The fact that the sponsor had to sell the bull to get the cash for Masvinu caused the payment delay but the dethroned Mr Ugly was very impatient.

Instead of him dealing with me concerning his winning prize, he went behind my back and manhandled the sponsor. We, therefore, had no choice but to dethrone him for him dragging the name of the pageant into the mud.

…This is not the first time Masvinu has engaged in violent activities at Mr Ugly. He once threated another former sponsor – Devine Assignments director Biggie Chinoperekwei – over the same issue and for this reason we have to part ways with him.

Masvinu’s camp claimed that Apama had received the prize money from the sponsor and diverted it for his own use instead. However, this claim was dismissed by Mutangadura who said that he never gave any money to Apama. Said Mutangadura:

What they saying is not true. In fact, they were supposed to deal with Apama, not me. I never gave Apama any money so how could he misuses money that I never gave him in the first place.

Masvinu had won the pageant three times, missing out on winning only once.


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