William Lloyd Garrison: The Founder Of American Anti-Slavery Newspaper



William Lloyd Garrison (1805-1879), a native of Boston, was the founder of The Liberator, the leading and most radical anti-slavery newspaper in America from 1831-1865 which did a great deal to reshape the anti-slavery movement and made Garrison the nation’s leading public emancipationist.


The establishment of The Liberator in 1831 was a turning point for the movement.



Following the paper’s foundation, the abolitionist movement gained an uncompromising edge as well as a sense of immediacy the movement had not yet seen.


Despite this urgency, however, Garrison was also known for his commitment to nonviolent resistance.


In 1832 he founded the New England Anti-Slavery Society and in 1833 he organized and led the nation’s first national abolitionist conference in Philadelphia which led to the formation of the American Anti-Slavery Society.


The Philadelphia conference published the famous “Declaration of Sentiments,” a document written in one night by Garrison himself which solidified the core values of the movement for the remaining years leading up to the Civil War.


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