After This You Will Never Take Your Phone To The Bathroom

It is a trend today to go to the bathroom with your smartphone or tablet or else we are bored while we are in the bathroom. We will read something while sitting on the toilet and etc.

But that is actually really not good and it can be really unhealthy, and this article will explain you why is that so.We really need to understand that germs can be found everywhere in the bathroom and while we are there sitting on the toilet and reading something on the smartphone or tablet, those germs can be spread on the phone/tablet.



It is especially unhygienic in public toilets, because there we cannot control if the toilet handles, the floor, the door and the faucet are clean like we can do that in our home. And the dirty toilet water is spread everywhere in the public bathroom, and it is spread even on the toilet paper.

Those germs can spread and cause different types of bacteria and viruses such as salmonella, norovirus, E. coil and etc. Even your friend’s phone or tablet can be dangerous too. And the worst part about all of this is the results from the studies at University of Arizona. The results were that 9 out of 10 phones had potential disease-causing microbe and 16% tested positive for fecal matter.

So the conclusion is to not to take your phone or tablet with you in the bathroom, especially the public bathrooms.



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