Wife Of Gambia’s President, Zineb Jammeh, Reaffirms Love For Her Husband Despite Refusing To Hand Over Power

Gambia’s First lady, Zineb Jammeh, has expressed firm love and support and love for her husband, President Jammeh.  In an interview with the Daily Observer, the first lady described President Yahya Jammeh as a very devoted leader who is able to ensure peace and stability in a country.

“It is never perfect, but it is very important to acknowledge the positive. It is important to say what is negative but never forget to acknowledge what is positive as well,” she stated.

Zineb Jammeh said this while on her traditional visit to Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH) in the capital of Gambia, Banjul to meet the new born babies of 2017 to present them with her gifts for her foundation Operation Save the Children Foundation (OSCF).


This is her first interview since President Jammeh refused to step down after he lost the December 1 election to Adama Barrow.

Jammeh initially accepted the results of the election but on December 9, he reversed his position and said he would challenge in the country’s Supreme Court as the poll was riddled with irregularities.


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  1. This Nigga is retarded. Mentally deranged. It has to stop at some point in Africa, of fake ass leaders staying in power for decades. This sickness affects to many African countries to progress forward. Zimbabwe is a prime example with Mugabe. The the Independence was needed for the Indigenous people. The oppression now has a black face on it. It is far past the time for the next generation to improve their lives and build on today’s ideals rather than keep beating a dead horse of Colonialism. Yes it is always there, but to stop progress of a people because of your paranoid behavior of one person is insane. White rule is over, and will never take root again. So the people need to move forward. Jammeh and Mugabe should meet in a special place called mental hell. Their sickness needs to be cleared on the Continent. Sooner than later.

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