Widow of Dreaded Drug Lord, Pablo Escobar Reveals How She Was Assaulted At 14.

The widow of Pablo Escobar has revealed her heartbreaking secret about how the Colombian drug lord raped her and forced her to get a back-alley abortion when she was only 14 years old.

In her memoir, Mi Vida y Mi Carcel con Pablo Escobar (My Life and My Jail with Pablo Escobar) due November 15, Victoria Eugenia Henao details how she has come to terms with the fact that she was assaulted by her husband, 25 years after his death.

Henao, 57, makes the shocking revelation in the epilogue of her book titled, The secret I’ve hid for years,’ in which she describes confessing to her two children, Sebastian, now 41, and Manuela, 34, for the first time.

‘I had to connect with my history and immerse myself in the depths of my soul, to build up the courage to reveal the sad secret that I have harbored for 44 years,’ she writes.

It was a secret, she says, she thought she would take to the grave, and is a truth that she knows will ‘worsen the perception’ the world has of the man who was her husband.

Henao, states she was 14 and Escobar, her boyfriend at the time, was 25 when he one day ‘hugged’ and ‘kissed’ her, leaving her ‘paralyzed’ in fear.


‘I was not prepared, I did not feel sexual malice, I did not have the proper tools to understand what that intimate and intense contact meant,’ she says.

Henao says three weeks later, she began to feel ‘strange,’ but at such a tender age, she explains it never occurred to her that she could be pregnant.

Escobar visited her a few days later to ask how she was feeling and if she would accompany him to a woman’s house located in a remote and desolate area of Medellin, Colombia.

‘Almost immediately, an elderly lady, who barely greeted me, told me to lie down on a stretcher and immediately inserted several plastic tubes into my womb, the ones [tubes] that are used to channel veins, and merely said that they would serve as prevention.

‘Prevention of what?’ Henao says she asked.  ‘She answered with certainty, “that you could be pregnant.” She then told me to be very careful and instructed me to take the tubes out once I started to bleed.’

Henao says that while she did not understand what was happening, she silently obliged.

Following the procedure, which she describes as an ‘intervention,’ Escobar dropped her off home and advised her follow the instructions and to keep him updated about her condition.

But Henao later realized hiding her situation would be a challenge in a household of eight siblings and one bathroom.

Henao said undergoing the procedure left her with questions that she was never able to ask because of her religious background.

For years she stayed quiet about being sexually active and having an abortion, something that was considered a ‘taboo’ in the 70s and an ‘unforgivable sin’ in the eyes of the church.

It wasn’t until years later when she attended therapy and counseling, she says, that she learned her experience was considered rape.

Credit: Daily Mail.


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