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Why You Should Visit Cape Verde

Looking for  adventure or vacationing with loved ones, Cape Verde has something to offer to everyone. The Cape Verde islands, located off the west coast of Africa, are known for their music, culture, year-round sunshine and stunning scenery.

If you’re still contemplating on where to visit, here are some reasons to put Cape Verde at the top of your list:

Relaxing beaches
Cape Verde boasts of hundreds of miles of breathtaking coastline with beautiful black and white sand beaches across its ten islands. Many of these beaches are remote and unspoiled, making them perfect for walking, swimming or just relaxing.

Marine life
There are quite a variety of species that only exist on Cape Verde and its surrounding waters. So far, scientists have listed about 639 species of fish, including whale sharks, the humpback whale and mantas. You can go on a turtle tour or whale-watching trip while here.


Local delicacies
One of the major highlights of visiting new places is the delicacies you get to try. The Cape Verde Islands are no exception. Try out the manioc balls or the cachupa, which is regarded as a national delicacy.

Historical sites
The ten islands have lots of historical sites to explore, especially the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cidade Velha.

Culture mix
Although the archipelago was originally discovered by the Portuguese, it has African and European influences. Even after its independence in 1975, the islands will provide you with a melting pot of different cultures.

Between November and June, the Cape Verde islands offer perfect conditions for water sports, making it an amazing choice for adventure and thrill seekers. Sal is popular for kitesurfing and windsurfing. You can also take a dip in its salt pans.


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