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Why Work Yourself To Stupor!! NASA To Pay $18,000, Just Stay In Bed For 3 Months (Details Inside)

Here is a perfect news for clinophiles or people that like staying in bed.  You have a chance to earn $18,000 that too without working; without even moving a muscle. In fact, the less you move a muscle, the better. Does that sound like a dream? Well, it is true. The only catch is that NASA needs you to stay on your bed for a continuous period of 70 days.

Read on to know more about it.

Are you one too?

Are you one too?

Clinophiles don’t necessarily love sleeping as much as they love the reclining posture.

An unbelievable experiment.

An unbelievable experiment.

NASA has decided to recruit subjects for it’s new albeit unique experiment. If you like to spend most of your time in bed, then this is for you.

Money! Money! Money!


In the “Bed Rest Studies,” the participants will receive $18,000 for spending 70 days straight in bed for their discomfort (Or should I say comfort?)

A complete waste of time?

Although you aren’t allowed to get up from the bed, regular use of phones and computers and other normal activities like reading, talking over Skype, playing games, etc. are allowed.

What’s the purpose of the experiment

The motive of the study is to learn about the human body specifically about how it responds to long periods of minimal strain on muscles. It is supposed to provide useful information to design programs for astronauts.

Three fold objectives

Three fold objectives

The primary objectives are to have a better understanding of human physiology, to learn about the consequences of this (lazy) lifestyle and to find a countermeasure for the adverse effects that come when being so inactive.

 All the subjects will be divided into groups, and each group will be doing different activities for circulatory, muscular and bone tests. For instance, members of one of the groups will use special equipment to exercise without even leaving their beds

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