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Why this 27 yr-old African man wants to wed 70 yr-old ‘pregnant’ woman in 2016

This is indeed Africa. A 27 year-old Ugandan man is reportedly set to marry his 70 year-old “lover” who claims to be pregnant with his child.

The adage ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’ has never been as relevant as now if the recent nuptials of Ugandan musician Guvnor Ace are anything to go by. Now, another young Ugandan man is also making news for pursuing a wife old enough to have have given birth to him – and possibly even given birth to his mother.


Steven Tikubuwana, 27, is set marry Zaituni Nakanda, 70, in 2016, the New Vision reported. The couple is reported to be already living together in a single-room house owned by Nakanda.

Tikubuwana told reporters that he met his lover when he was destitute and without a home.

“I lost my job and was homeless for about two months. She welcomed me into her home. At first, she seemed afraid, but later warmed up to me,” says Tikubuwana.

Nakanda claims to be pregnant, but doctors who examined her say at Mulago hospital it is not true. She has, however, refused to believe the doctors.

Tibukwana, who is already a father of two children, said that his relatives disapprove of this union but he does not care because, unlike his first wife, Nakanda is faithful and caring.

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