Why The Term African-American Makes No Sense

 The term African American is a forced label. I refuse to be called African American because I am American. I am not the only one who is aggravated enough by this forced label to speak out against it.

**There are WHITE Africans who were born in Africa. So this term can be applied to white Americans given the logic of the term. Which means, we’re all African Americans!!**

#1. Africa is a CONTINENT and not a country. Africa has over 50 countries inside of the continent including Islands. To call someone African American and not naming which of the countries the African supposedly came from is an incomplete statement.

#2. Jessie Jackson pushed this term African American in 1990 to further his agenda of separation and hate against white people. Most of his followers either skipped geography or fell asleep during class. I say this because I have come across many many people that do NOT know that Africa is a CONTINENT. They believe it is a country with one president.

I have tried to educate people with a RAND MCNALLY ATLAS, Google MAPS, and Google Earth. I circled Africa and pointed out each of the countries. In each case I ended up in a heated debate and called uppity and stuck up. Just because I know the difference between a CONTINENT and a COUNTRY.

#3. I know 3 African Americans. One is from the Ivory Coast. One is from Morocco. One is from Nigeria. They were born in Africa. They came to America as adults. Thus, they are truly African Americans.

The term African American does not, and should not, apply to anybody who was born in America whose birth certificate has a city and state listed. If it does not say Africa, or list any country in Africa then I am sorry to tell you that you are not African. You are American only.

Map of Africa with countries.

African Continent

Below are questions that people keep asking.


My ancestors came from Africa on a slave ship. How does that not make me African American?



The Africans from the slave ship were not or addressed as Africans. They were not even classified as Americans. They were seen as property and chattel. They were labeled as disposable income and slaves with a price around their neck. Literally!

If they were not referred to as African Americans from 1694 through 1990 when Jessie Jackson pushed the agenda then why do you want to be referred as that label now? Why not be called Americans as opposed to comparison with a disposable slave?

What is so wrong about simply being called AMERICAN no matter what your skin tone is?


Well Irish people can be called Irish Americans and Native Americans can be called Native Americans so why can’t I be called African American?


Ireland is a country with Irish people in it. Africa is a Continent with countries in it and then cities and people. There is a difference.

Native Americans did not migrate to, or forced to, come to this country. They were already here. They are the Natives to this land that is now called America. Therefore they are truly Native Americans. Again, its not the same thing as African Americans.

Below is a list of African countriesinside the continent of Africa.

List of Countries in Africa









If someone cannot show proof of, or name which country in Africa they supposedly came from, in their life time, then that label does not apply to them.

Side note: After Jessie got his hands on a poem entitled “I Can” by Johnny Duncan he took the phrase and ran with it and gave himself credit for the term African American. Now its on all applications wrongfully and falsely accusing people of being from Africa with no such evidence.

Additional side note: We established earlier that there are White people in Africa which, by default, extends the label of African American to White people. I have this to say to my fellow White Brothers and Sisters, Welcome! We love you. Begin immediately marking African American on all applications because it just makes sense! Spread the word.

source: Sparrowmeto’s Blog


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  1. So what are you going to do about it? Im African American get over it nothing you say,do or write can change that so says the African Union.
    Either way im an American of African descent again what can you do about it nothing but waste your time.

  2. This is very ignorant. The term Native American is almost equivalent to African American. You act like they weren’t divided into smaller nations as Africa is. Native Americans are from THE Americas. That’s two continents and not just one. Also, have you ever heard of Asian American or European American? The term American has to do with Nationality (where you are a citizen) and many of times culture. Not a race. African-American says I have African decent but I’m a citizen of the USA. Whether it was you that descended from an African nation or your ancestors on slave ships. And just because the slaves were considered as property doesn’t mean they weren’t from an African nation.

  3. Whites born in Africa can easily trace from which country their ancestors came from. Its the same for the whites in the United States. They can say I am of Irish, Italian, German, British descent” because they kept their language, their names, their music, their dance, cultural dresses etc. States were formed in Europe by people speaking the same language, with the same history etc. Black people however were stripped of their names, their languages. They even tried to take away their culture but the slaves kept that blending it in with things they took over from their white masters. Blacks were forbidden to speak their African language and were forced to speak the language of the master. They were given a name by their slave masters and were forbidden to use their African names. They forced the religion of their masters and were forbidden to worship in their own way. After 500 plus years of taking away their names, their language and even great parts of their heritage blacks in the new world find it hard to relate to a specific African Country of their ancestry. because they are not sure if its the right one. The most slaves were brought to the new world by the west European nations namely Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium, Holland and England. England and France had the most African colonies so they brought the most slaves to the new world. Other European nations just had one or maybe two colonies in Africa.
    I am from the Republic of Suriname formerly known as Dutch Guyana. For what we learned the Dutch brought most of their slaves from (through)Ghana and sold them in the Caribbean even to the British and French farmers on the other islands.
    Blacks in the new world can find out where their ancestors probably came from by DNA comparison of their DNA material with that of the DNA material selected of the different African tribes. You will know from which tribe you ancestors originated and in which regions of Africa they used to life.

  4. Not sure who the author is, but maybe the article should be entitled, ” . . . Makes No Sense TO ME.” The term makes sense to me because as an African American Black, I recognize that we are in a centuries long struggle to connect with our identity and history. These connections are so central to our personhood, which in turn reflects qualities like confidence, motivation and self-image. “African American” represents a stage in that struggle on which we can stand more firmly than we would on one not determined by ourselves. It may end up being the final name chosen or there may be another that we will settle on. I am better prepared, however, to continue the struggle toward knowledge of self with it. The very lack of knowledge about the many countries of Africa that you mentioned, let along knowledge of the empires that existed before European appropriation and division into those countries, is largely due to a larger lack of education of African American Blacks which was, itself, a component of the destructive disconnection we suffered in being massively dislocated from our ancestral home. So, if you can bother yourself to see this term from my perspective, try and understand the struggle it represents. We aim to be identified and connected as a people, and not with those who would destroy us. In doing so wewill stand stronger in America and everywhere else.

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