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Why President Emmanuel Macron Is An ‘African President’

Emmanuel MACRON, is the first French president since De Gaulle, to perceive the true lines of force which structure the future of Humanity. He also has the rare ability to move from vision to operational. Thus, in front of the ambassadors last August, he said, about Africa:  “[It] is not only the continent of migration and crises, it is a continent of the future […] that we do not can not leave alone in the face of its demographic, climatic and political challenges “

The African continent, particularly its Francophone component, is linked to the future of France.

The converse is true.

France had to leave, without any regret, her paternalist costume. It is done. Macron made it clear: “I do not have an African policy,” he said in substance. Implied: I do not come to extend the French Africa, the future, we will build it together!

The UDLEF supports President Macron in his strategic partnership approach with French – speaking African countries. We are also delighted by Emmanuel MACRON’s welcome to Georges WEAH:




This reception reveals an African perspective, continental, and not only linguistic and cultural. France can and must offer to the entire continent, its support as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, and as co-leader of the EUROPEAN UNION , a role it assumes with Germany.

For these reasons, the UDLEF welcomes the new state of mind instilled by Emmanuel MACRON in African relations, but we ask it to go even further and contribute to the creation of an intergovernmental commission of French-speaking countries to pilot the launching of massive bond loans for the development of infrastructure in this part of the world, and channeling it into large projects involving the entire area.

The conditions for an accelerated development of the continent, to promote technology transfer and massive job creation have been put in place. Tens of millions of jobs are to be created, from Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco to Cameroon and the Central African Republic. National local elites must be involved at all times, and as far upstream as possible, in all decisions that affect them. And this must be done in a multilateral framework!

Only lack of ambition would be guilty!



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