Why Meghan Markle is Not Called a Princess But Princess Eugenie is – Royal Title Explained

Meghan Markle, 36, is now a member of the royal family just like Princess Eugenie, 28, but she does not have a princess title. Instead, Meghan was given the title of Duchess of Sussex upon her wedding to Prince Harry, 33. This is all down to how royal titles work.

Meghan Markle was given the title of Duchess of Sussex on her wedding day.

But why does she not have the title of princess, like Princess Eugenie?

She is married to Prince Harry, who is sixth in line for the British throne.

However, she cannot have the same title as Eugenie.

This is because she does not have royal blood, but instead has married into royalty.

“Rules governing the monarchy say only those with royal blood can use the title of Prince or Princess followed by their first name,” according to Sky News.

Therefore, Meghan will never be known as simply Princess Meghan.

She may, however, go by her official royal title, which is Her Royal Highness Princess Henry of Wales.

Despite popular belief, Harry’s mother Princess Diana, who died at the age of 36, never officially held the princess title in her own right.

She was actually Diana, Princess of Wales – the feminine version of her husband Prince Charles’ title.



However, she was popularly known as Princess Diana or simply Princess Di.

It is unlikely Meghan will ever be Princess Meghan, unless there is a major change to royal tradition.

However, she may go by the Duchess of Sussex title – and in fact she is the first woman to ever hold the Duchess of Sussex title in history.

Will Meghan have to curtsey to Princess Eugenie or the other way around?

In British tradition, women curtsey to those of a superior senior rank to them.

However, the situation is a little complicated for Meghan and Eugenie.

Eugenie is only ninth in line to the British throne, whereas Meghan’s husband is fifth in line.

So who curtseys to whom? It is said Meghan technically has to perform the gesture for Eugenie.

This is because Eugenie is a “blood royal”, explains former royal butler Grant Harrold.


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