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Why Many African-Americans Are Relocating To Africa  

Both slavery and post-slavery periods have one thing in common, they all observed many Africans moving into America for various reasons. But now there are these African-Americans who have decided to challenge the norm by moving back to Africa, reason: racism.

Muhammida El-Muhajir is just but among many African-Americans who left the U.S for Africa, after resigning from her job in New York as a digital marketer.


“As a black person in America, even when you’re rich enough to live in places like New York, you’re always an outsider,” Muhammida says of what motivated her to move to Ghana.

“You hear stories about wealthy black folks, like Oprah Winfrey, being prevented from entering a store or Jay-Z being barred from buying an apartment.”

Muhammida adds. “Those things happen, regardless of if you’re a celebrity or a second-class citizen. That was the biggest concern for me.”

In America, says Muhammida, you always have to try to prove yourself. But in Africa (Ghana), she doesn’t have to prove herself to anyone.

“I’m a champion here,” Muhammida adds. “I went to university, I like to win, and so I refuse to be put in a situation where I’ll never win.”

Muhammida says that in Ghana, she still enjoys some of the things she used to enjoy in New York, like parties.

Upon realizing her nationally, Muhammida narrates, Ghanaians were wondering why she chose to live there.

“In Ghana, there are certain privileges of being an American,” Muhammida noted. “But it’s great to appreciate it because that’s something you won’t get in America.”

After observing a huge wave of African-Americans relocating to Africa, Muhammida has decided to make a documentary called Blaxit.

Although Muhammida acknowledges that the trend of African-Americans moving to Africa started years ago—after most African countries gained independence—she says the numbers have significantly increased now.

“You might not have electricity here in Africa, but you will not get murdered by the police either,” notes Muhammida.

“I made Blaxit, to make people understand that they’ve alternatives and options,” she adds. “Most American-Americans are unaware that these options exist.”

“Most of them think that they’ve to suffer as there is nowhere else to run to. But no, there are places to go—Africa.”

Muhammida believes that more African-Americans will move to Africa when they start to see it as a viable option.”

However, Muhammida warns: “it isn’t easy or cheap here either.” she adds. “But I think it’s time that people should start to see that they can live somewhere else.”


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