Why Kenyan Media Personality Called Out Mark Zuckerberg And Facebook Team

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Kenyan media personality, Pauline Ngoroje, has taken to her Facebook page to call out the founder of the social app, Mark Zuckerberg, and his team, for restricting her page after she called out a potential rapist.


According to Pauline, a man left a distasteful comment on a post she made on September 12. She said the man in the post said ”she deserved to be seriously raped”.


Pauline said she screengrabbed the comment and called the man out on her page. However, she was penalized for her post.


Wondering why she was being punished for calling out a pervert, Pauline wrote;


”I have been quite salty with Facebook. On 12th September 2021, a guy by the name PS Kiptoo commented on my post saying that I deserved serious rape. I took the screenshot and posted it on my wall, in order to call out that perverted bully.


Facebook penalized me for that. I was restricted from posting and commenting for 24 hours and restricted from adverting and doing Facebook live for 30 days. My appeal didn’t go through and I had no other way out of this. My question to Mark Zuckerberg’s people is, how do your algorithms work? I was the victim in this case. How am I the one being punished for calling out the villain?”

Kenyan media personality calls out Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook team for restricting her page because she called out a man who threatened her with rape


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