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Why Is Cat Not Mentioned In The Bible? Find Out Why

Of all the domestic animals, cat was not mentioned in the bible
Of all the domestic animals, cat was not mentioned in the bible
Why Is Cat Not Mentioned In The Bible?  humans were created with the abilities and the rights to know what goes on around them and the reasons why things were the way they are.  If there’s any thing that bothers us as humans, it is the needs to have our various questions answered satisfactorily no matter how irrelevant it may appear or sound to other people. We are created to know just like our individual preferences of so many other things around us.

For instance, someone may come up with a question which to others may just appear silly enough and has nothing to do with. For some times now, there’s this question that some people has been asking of which majority seem not to be paying enough attentions to because it’s not all that important to them; but certainly not so to those who really want to know.

The question is Why Are There No Mentions Of Cats In The Bible? Sounds funny isn’t and more so if you have not cared enough to ask but even as that, you are in for some interesting facts about that very question. If you care enough to know, please follow along as we try to dig deep into this interesting but often ignored question that has been around for some time now but with so many unsatisfactory answers given.

Some Speculations About Cats

Some are of the opinions that cats are unholy and are of natural sin with so many things about them confusing or even beyond human comprehension. Talk of cats to some people and you will be surprised of all the bad things that cats are known for.

Cats were said to be created thousands of years before humans and had steadily worked with Satan even before he disobeyed God and was driven to the vicinity of the earth. There were some fictitious stories that cat co-planned the failed coup-de-tat against God with the Devil but somehow managed to escape God’s wrath due to its sneaky and smart ways of doing things. People also reason that cats are even worst than the devil himself because of being bold enough to do things that the Devil cannot do.

Crosschecking the Bible to find out why it's name was omitted in the holy book | Photo credit: Barb via Flickr

Satan for instance, does so many things unseen because of being afraid or being the invincible spirit that he is; but cats could conspicuously do things that defy God’s physics and constraints for the earth due to what is believed to be cat’s supernatural/magic powers: like entering into houses that were closed, never falling or even if forcefully thrown down, its back never touches the ground and so many other things that leaves average persons surprised at most.

Cats are also accused of so many things that if compared with other animals, would make the innocent animal unforgivable. Have you ever seen cats mating?, some say that cats never mates but only jumps across the female while spraying some parasite over the female which automatically leads to conception.

It is even said that this parasite can wrap itself around the brain of  human and make the individual to become mindless drone and starts acting like cats in carrying out all sorts wicked and sneaky acts like the Devil. The pharaoh of Egypt was said to be constantly under the influence of cat’s parasite mist all over the palace, because Egyptians loved cats a lot.


Cats are believed to be the reason why so many things go wrong among the owners because once in the ‘heat’ it emits a parasite called toxoplasmosis which could implants itself into the owner’s brain and consequently transform the person into a different person momentarily moving him or her to start doing some unimaginable things of various kinds.

Cats are also said to be bossy in nature because it loves to sit comfortably on the sits that are meant for dignitaries like the Egyptians’ Pharaoh couches and are so smug that they always want to be noticed.

Cats were also said to be the culprits of “The Black Death” during the Dark Ages because their population was highest in the world during that period. This they say originated from ancient Egyptian cats down to Europe.

So because of the plagues associated with cats leading to the deaths of many people which according to some findings are still killing people today and other mysterious acts of the animal, cats were termed the worst of the creatures with some people, out rightly saying that cats were not created by God in the first place.

And unfortunately too for the domestic cats, since it was not mentioned categorically in the bible, which was originally written by the Jews that were God’s people and who view ancient Egypt as their worst enemy because of what they went through in their hand as slaves, Cats were said to be too unholy to be included in the holy book because of its attachments to the Egyptians who are filled with so many things that God disapproves of.

Moreover any thing that violates God’s commandments about the sacredness of life which cats are accused of, may certainly be enough reasons why cats were left out in the pages of the bible according to some speculations. But does that sound justifiable or convincing enough? Cats are not the only creature that does that.

Cat being cuddled by a kid. They are still loved by human despite non mention in the Bible | Photo credit: Animalist

The Egyptians held cats in high esteem and that no doubt encouraged the Israelite slaves to despise them just like they hated the Egyptians back then and this could also add to the possible reason why innocent cats were not mentioned in the bible because they were hated along with their owners or protectors.

Who knows if while distastefully showing enough abhorrence on the Israelite, whether cats were being showered with enough attentions to the dismay and displeasure of the then slaves in the land. The Isrealites  are perhaps envious of the cats? that’s by the way, But even at that, what about other portions of the bible that were written long after the Hebrews experiences in  Egypt?

Facts About Cats And The Bible

There are some animals that were not directly mentioned in the bible but of which were not singled out like the cats. The point remains that for all those who believed that God created the earth and the things in it, cats not being mentioned directly in the bible certainly has nothing to do with the claims and arguments of whether it was created by God. Irrespective of all the accusations leveled against cat, they remain what they are: one of God’s creations and concerning some questions about them being or left unanswered, that still go a long way in helping us to see how unsearchable God’s wondrous works are.

Cat is just like every other directly unnamed animals or things in the bible. The Israelite despise cats just like the Egyptians hated sheep which Israel rears. Cats were of no use to the bible writers and since they were said to be inspired by God to put down his thoughts in the bible, he chooses what to include in his written words.

So many things having been said about the domestic cats as to the reason why it was not directly mentioned in the bible but one  inescapable fact remains that cats are loved by many and still remains one of the most admirable pets in the world.  Those who grew and stored grains should even be more grateful to the cats for hanging around and killing the rodents that eats up their produce. Come what may, cats remains what they are, Just cats.


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  1. Fact Check jews were not slaves in Egypt and the oppsigelse is true. As long xristianians keep on hiding the true history of that era , people will never know the truth…. Am talking about the Hyksos and their enslavement of the Egyptians!!!

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