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‘Why I Will Never Trust A Cameroonian Woman Or An African Woman’ – French Man!!

I traveled from France to America in 2004 for my curriculum, but I was not able to finish my studies because of my financial difficulties. Over time, I have adapted to lifestyle and I have taken jobs that do not require a degree.

After my four years in America, I decided that life would be more fun and much easier if I had a wife. I took a trip to Cameroon and married a girl I knew before coming to America (We started a long distance relationship after I came to America). I felt so lucky to have found such an African beauty. We had a traditional wedding and a mood honeymoon a few weeks, then I left for America and started making documents so that she could reach me. Two weeks after I left, she told me she was pregnant, I was so happy.


I tried everything I could to make sure she would have the baby in America so I was there to take care of her and the baby and also owed good health care system here. I can not begin to explain to you the joy in my heart when at 6 months of the big she finally arrived in America. I was the happiest man in the world that day. We took a lot of pictures, I wanted to document the moment.

A month later, I took her to the hospital and she had a little boy. There was a red flag though … The baby was not premature so it could not be mine according to my calculations, with the help of the doctor. I was shocked! I remember calling my mother immediately and seeking her advice.


She asked me what my feeling was towards her now that she just had another man’s baby. I told my mother that I am very angry and disappointed, but I still loved her. She told me to make it work. To look after the child as if the child was mine. It was not the best thing to do but I took my mother’s advice … well it was not my mother’s advice entirely. That’s what I wanted to do too, I always wanted to be with her, even if she lied to me.

When our son was a year old, we started trying to have a second child and I also encouraged and financed my wife to become a certified nursing assistant. My wife got a job in a nursing home as a caregiver. My wife’s new job presented her with a different social environment and she became another woman at home. She refused s-exual relationships with me and would no longer cook or do anything at home.

She was either going out, sleeping or talking to her friends on the phone. We started having a lot of problems. She called the police on two occasions telling them she was concerned about the safety of herself and our son. I could not believe it! I began to suspect her plan and stopped talking to her. The more I avoided her, the more she wanted us to have an argument.

One day, I would not take more, I raised my voice to her and she immediately throw herself on the ground got up and called the police. When the policeman arrived, she told them that I was her and our son physically violated. The police asked me to park my belongings and leave the house. Yes, this is America for you. The woman does not leave … You leave. I tried to explain what happened to the police, but they did not want to listen to me.

To cut a long story short, I have never returned to this house again. Before I knew it, the biological father of our child had come from Cameroon and lived with her in my own house with my son!

Nothing in this life will trust me again a Cameroonian girl / an African woman! I do not want to say anything! Brother, you have to be careful there.

Credit: Africa24


Written by How Africa

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