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‘Why I Hated My Uncle’.. Hitler’s Nephew Reveals Reasons Why He Fought In US Army Against His Uncle

Adolf Hitler was once the most hated man in the world because of his aggressive and crooked ideology of Fascism but many of us are not aware that even some members of his family were against him and his policies.


In fact, his nephew had written to US President Roosevelt seeking permission to join US army against his tyrannical uncle.


The nephew later joined the United States Navy and fought against Nazi Germany. Son of Hitler’s brother Alois Hitler, William Patrick was born in Liverpool, England, on March 12, 1911. He later moved to Germany, possibly to take advantage of his uncle’s powerful position.


Adolf Hitler did arrange for William to take a job in a bank in 1933. Later, he worked in an automobile factory and as a car salesman.

However, William soon developed differences with his uncle and blackmailed him with the threat of revealing to the world that Hitler’s paternal grandfather was actually Jewish.

Hitler asked William to renounce his British citizenship and become a German citizen. However, William sensed a trap and in the mid-1930s he left Germany for London and wrote an article for Look magazine titled “Why I Hate My Uncle.”

The magazine which contained six pages on Hitler and his personal life was sold for 10 cents in 1939. However, the value of those six pages has now boosted to 730 pounds. The magazine is put on sale by a dealer in Canada, The Guardian reported.

In the article describing Hitler at his holiday retreat, William wrote “Hitler was entertaining some very beautiful women at tea. When he saw us, he strode up slashing a whip as he walked and taking the tops off the flowers.”

“He took that occasion to warn me never again to mention that I was his nephew. Then he returned to his guests, still viciously cracking his whip.”

William further admits in the article that Hitler was furious about the articles: “Pacing up and down angrily, he made me promise to withdraw my articles and threatened to kill himself if anything else was written on his private life.”


The article includes a photograph of Hitler talking to a little girl on a sunny balcony. The caption alleges: “When I visited Berlin in 1931, the family was in trouble. Geli Raubal, the daughter of Hitler’s and my father’s sister (Hitlers’s half-niece), had committed suicide.”

“Everyone knew that she and Hitler had long been intimate and that she had been expecting a child – a fact which enraged Hitler.”

Describing his last meeting with Hitler, William wrote that he shouted insults at him and was in a bad temper. In February 1939, William sailed for the US with his mother where he began a lecture tour on the invitation of newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst when war broke out.

Warfare History Magazine reports-William Patrick was so obsessed to fight against his uncle that he wrote an emotional letter to American President Roosevelt on March 3, 1942.

A part of the letter reads: “I am the nephew and only descendant of the ill-famed Chancellor and Leader of Germany who today so despotically seeks to enslave the free and Christian peoples of the globe.”

“Under your masterful leadership, men of all creeds and nationalities are waging desperate war to determine, in the last analysis, whether they shall finally serve and live an ethical society under God or become enslaved by a devilish and pagan regime…. All my relatives and friends soon will be marching for freedom and decency under the Stars and Stripes.”

For this reason, Mr President, I am respectfully submitting this petition to you to enquire as to whether I may be allowed to join them in their struggle against tyranny and oppression.”

William was permitted to enlist in the U.S. Navy in 1944 where he served three years as a pharmacist’s mate. He received the Purple Heart for a wound and was discharged in 1947.

After the war, he changed his surname to Stuart-Houston and established Brookhaven Laboratories on Long Island, New York, residing in the city of Patchogue.

He married in 1947 and became the father of four sons.  He died at the age of 76 on July 14, 1987, in anonymity which he always desired.


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