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Why Does The African Government Restricts Internet Access When There Are Protests

The consequent closing down of the Internet gave the nonconformists more force to up their challenges. It is something that has turned out to be normal of the administrations in Africa, that at whatever point they are faced with expanding dissents, they fall back on abating connections

This is totally against human rights of any country’s constitution.


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Earlier this year, Africa and the whole world witnessed two to three-month total internet shutdown in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon. Being the minority, the people in the English-speaking regions had voiced their concerns as regards their marginalization and unfair treatment they suffer at the hands of Paul Biya’s government. This saw the government launching a complete internet shutdown which lasted for a whole three months. In that move, the voices of the affected people were completely cut as their connection to the world at large had been severed.


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