Why Do We Churn Out Old People As Leaders In Africa – Mo Ibrahim

Sudanese British Billionaire Mo Ibrahim has expressed his displeasure with the quality of leaders African continent has been producing over the years.

He said that Africa has been churning out old men and women as presidents and it is adversely affecting the development of the continent.

Ibrahim said this in a gathering of African leaders which had in attendance former President of Nigeria Olusegun Obasanjo.

As he put it, “Please allow me to be frank. I wish to start really from where President Obasanjo ended. Let me start by looking at age issue. To politely brought two terms here. That you’ll like to see a critical change. You have been in politics for so long that is why you are always careful with your words. This continent is continent of young people.


Half of people here are below 20years old. Look at the age of our Presidents 60/64years. We are the only continent in the world where we have Presidents at 90years old..

While these other countries that are bigger than us entrust their country to people in their 40’s . We pick people in their 90’s to lead us, to lead us to where, to the grave? ‘

Picking people in wheel chair, unable to stand in for election “This is a joke, Yes your right to laugh the whole world is laughing at us. I always say look around you, United States is an economy of 1.6 trillion dollars. We in Africa are less than 1.3 trillion dollars

This is 15/16 economy. The most important country in the world like it or not.. Obama who happens to be half African anyway became President when he was 46/47 years . If Obama was in Kenya what would he be doing now.

What would he be doing now? Driving Volkswagen.

Yea, Really! And he was not the youngest President. Clinton was even younger than him.

Clinton became President at 46 years old. Kennedy was in his 40’s when he became President.


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