Why Do Some People Have Pierced Ears

There are different types of malformations in people but there are some that annoy more than others, such as breast and preauricular cyst, also known as dimple, papilloma, fistulous, etc. which is the common congenital malformation characterized by a nodule it is located in is adjacent to the outer ear part.

Some people have holes that are a congenital birth or inherited malformation medicine first described in 1864.

The holes located at the top of the ears are known as preauricular sinus that usually are birthmarks.

Today many people wonder through social this hole is in the ears and how they can do to disguise networks.

According to scientific studies of genetics these holes are a congenital malformation or may be hereditary which was first discovered by scientists in 1864 when scholars indicated as performed analyzes that could be a vestige of the evolution of fish gills and the consequence could have infections because of this malformed.


There is a percentage of people born with this kind of holes is very little, i.e. about 1% of the population worldwide, but it is clear that in Africa and in regions where poverty abounds this malformation affects between 4% and 10% of its population, i.e. the frequency that is this type of malformation has to do with the different races that exist around the world, some are more common than others if comparisons are made can be set in the the United States is 0.9%, in the UK it is estimated between 4 and 10% and elsewhere is much higher as we argue in the preceding paragraph.

According to scholars argue that this issue is usually unilateral inherited characteristics but they can also be bilateral from 25 to 50% of the cases analyzed.


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