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Why Do People Regularly Get A Cold? – Expert Explains

We have often been told that when our body survives a disease, it develops anti-bodies that allow it to fight effectively against a disease. However, many of these people have once asked the question, so why do I have the cold, cough, etc.?

Different viral strains

The common cold is a common disease. According to statistics, an adult catches it on average between two and four times a year. In the majority of cases, a virus will be responsible for the cold or cough. So therefore, as stated above, once your immune system kills the virus, in principle, you should be definitely immune to it.

However, the answer lies in the fact that there are over a hundred viral strains that can cause a common cold. So, your immune system will simply be unable to protect you from all these viral strains! Therefore, the cold that you had a few months ago, would not have the same strain as the one you have now. This is the first reason why we have so often colds and coughs.




Resistant rhinoviruses

Secondly, the rhinoviruses responsible for the cold are very contagious and particularly resistant. Indeed, they can survive several days on a surface like a keyboard, a switch and so on.

A weakened immune system

Here is another rather contradictory but true explanation. When you fight against a condition, this can weaken your immune system. So, you are more likely to catch a new infection when you are cold. This is why you may find that it is not uncommon for you to end up dragging colds over several weeks in a row. It is therefore essential to keep your immune system strong at all times. To do this, one must above all avoid stress, fatigue and above all eat in a balanced way.


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