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Why Britain is Fighting Endlessly to Keep Its Last African Colony – The Toxic Legacy of Colonialism

Britain and Mauritius are battling about the sway of the Chagos Islands. England needs to control the islands, as they give a key army installation to the United States called Diego Garcia.

It’s 2018, and in the event that you think colonization issues are finished, you would be incredibly mixed up. England and Mauritius are at loggerheads in view of the Chagos Islands, the final African settlement of the old British Empire. The real issues in question are the way the inheritance of imperialism is denying Mauritius self-assurance and sway.

Chagos is an archipelago in the Indian Ocean south of the Maldives. Its sway is questioned among Britain and Mauritius – an immediate aftereffect of the poisonous inheritances of imperialism. The issue is right now under the steady gaze of the International Court of Justice. The British, in 1965, three years previously Mauritius’ autonomy, withdrew the Chagos Islands from Mauritius.


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