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Why American DJ Steve Aoki Wants To Be Frozen When He Dies


American DJ, Steve Aoki has revealed that he wants to be frozen when he dies.

The 43-year-old Maimi born disclosed this during an interview on “In Depth with Graham Bensinger.”

He explained that he wants to be cryogenically frozen in the hopes that he can later be brought back to life if technology allows.

“My passion is in what’s in the future with brain technology,” the famous DJ began.


“The angle is finding a way to live forever, and that sounds kind of scary and crazy when you say that. … My mom’s 78. I want to see her live to 120. I want to say, ‘Mom, you have another 50 more years left,’ you know?”

Steve Aoki is hoping to keep himself cool and fresh with technology developed by the Alcor Life Foundation where you can freeze yourself for the hefty sum of $220,000.


“So Alcor is a facility that deep freezes your body. … If I’m so lucky to die in a hospital situation where they can move my whole body and quickly get my body — my brain most importantly — into this deep Kelvin temperature, and … if there’s technology to actually bring you back, then I could come back,” Aoki added.

Aoki is hoping his sister and mom also go ahead and freeze themselves.


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