Why A Woman With A Bigger Booty Is Healthier

The Bigger, The Better: Why A Woman With A Bigger Booty Is Healthier

Women with larger than average butts are not only intelligent but have a higher immunity against chronic illnesses, says a recent discovery by Scientists from the University of Oxford.

This discovery found that women with bigger behinds are more likely to produce hormones to metabolize sugar and have lower levels of cholesterol. They are less susceptible to heart problems and diabetes.

An excess of Omega 3 fats is visible in large quantities in a woman with big butt and this fat has been proven to catalyze development in he brain. They also further opined that women with wider hips had kids who were intellectually superior to those born by slim and less curvy women.


The team analyzed data from sixteen thousand women, according to Eyesonthenut.

“Professor Konstantinos Manolopoulos, who leads the team at the University of Oxford, says that women with more fat on the buttocks have lower levels of cholesterol and glucose.” – ABC NEWS

Having a big butt is very good for the leptin levels in a woman’s body. Leptin is the hormone in charge of regulating the weight, and the dinopectina, a hormone with anti-inflammatory, vascular-protective and anti-diabetic attributes. Also, harmful fatty particles are trapped by the adipose tissue in the buttocks and it also prevents cardiovascular disease.

Earlier in the year a similar research conducted by universities in California revealed that women with small waists, wide his and big butts may even live longer.

The bigger, The better.


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