WHO Mauritius Launches New Haemodialysis Unit To Mark World Kidney Day 2022


Mauritian Health Minister Hon. Kailash Kumar Jagutpal inaugurated a new Haemodialysis Unit at the New Souillac Hospital in the presence of the WHO Representative, Dr Laurent Musango, and other personalities to mark World Kidney Day in Mauritius.

This new Unit comprising 22 haemodialysis machines has the capacity to accommodate around 150 patients and aims at decentralizing further the treatment of patients suffering from kidney disease.


According to a press statement from WHO, around 1,500 patients in Mauritius undergo dialysis treatment in the five Regional Hospitals, the New Souillac Hospital, the Long Mountain Hospital, and Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Rodrigues.

In his address, Dr Hon. Jagutpal emphasized the importance of sensitizing the population on kidney diseases and promoting a healthy lifestyle.  The Health Minister explained that the Government disbursed some Rs 150 million to enable 250 patients to undergo dialysis treatment in private clinics.   He urged the population to take advantage of the numerous sports facilities put at their disposal across the country.

“Creating awareness about the kidney is very crucial first to prevent kidney diseases but also to allow patients with kidney disease to live well – with less suffering possible,” said Dr Laurent Musango, the WHO Representative in Mauritius.

The WHO Representative advocated for more effective and more integrated and holistic symptom management for all patients with kidney disease to enable them and their care partners to live a better health-related quality of life.

He expressed WHO support to the national efforts in improving the care of patients with kidney disease but also the need to empower patients with chronic kidney diseases and their family members or other care partners so that they live with less suffering possible.


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