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Who invented The Electric Bulb, Thomas Edison, Right?!.. You Are So Very Wrong!

The world is full of people and ideas that ignited minds. There have been so many wonderful inventions that we cannot help but get our minds blown away.

That is probably the reason you believe that Edison invented the bulb which was important.

Marconi invented the goddamn radio so that was important as well.

Robert A. Watson-Watt was the man behind the radar, so again, he deserves a place of great importance.

I don’t know where you come from, but from where I come, our general knowledge books taught us that Michael Faraday invented the electric motor

In short, what if I tell you that none of these posers invented any of these and that there was just one man behind all of it?

So who invented all this?

The electric bulb? Nikola Tesla.


Tesla worked for Edison early in his career. Edison was an opportunist who knew how to get his employees to work their asses off and run to the patent office as soon as they had found something. That’s like the one-eyed commander from Blood Diamond. Edison offered Tesla like a million dollars to fix up the problems of his motors and DC generators. When Tesla did the work, Edison laughed him off and said there was nothing like a million dollars. So then they split.

The radio? Nikola Tesla.

Yeah Marconi sent the first radio message, sure. However, the whole thing was based on Tesla’s works.

The radar? Mr. Tesla.

17 years before Watson-Watt “invented” the radar, Telsa had already done it, like a boss.

The X-rays? Tesla.

Yes Tesla had this one to his list of “my collection of awesome stuff” before Rontgen had found the rays.

Electric motor? I don’t want to bore you with the same answer but Tesla again.

Tesla died a virgin because he didn’t have time for stupid things like sex. He was more into doing that stuff with that thing in his laboratory to invent something new and different. He died at the age of 82.



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