“Who are You to Decide for the World?”: Iran Meets the 12 Requirements of the United States

Out of the nuclear deal, the United States threatened Iran with heavy financial penalties if it failed to meet 12 White House conditions. The United States has threatened companies continuing to trade with Tehran.

At a May 21 meeting organized by the conservative Heritage Foundation think tank  US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced his country’s willingness to work on a new agreement on Iran’s nuclear issue. It has, however, set particularly restrictive conditions for Tehran, which has expressed its categorical refusal to renegotiate.

The head of the American diplomacy also asked the “support” of the Europeans to reach a new agreement, but on the other hand warned them that the United States would hold for “responsible” the companies which would continue to maintain commercial relations in some areas with Tehran.

The world today does not accept that America decides for the world. Countries are independent. This time is over

A threat already brandished by National Security Advisor John Bolton . He said that the reinstatement of US sanctions was effective immediately after the US exit from the Iran nuclear deal. As for companies already engaged in Iran, they would have only a few months to get out. In response, the  European Commission decided on 18 May to resort to a law known as “blocking” US sanctions , in an attempt to preserve the economic interests of member states.


The White House announcement made Iran react, which President Hassan Rohani was quoted by Reuters as saying: “Who are you to decide for Iran and for the world? The world today does not accept that America decides for the world. Countries are independent. This time is over. We will continue our journey with the support of our nation. ”

12 conditions to conclude a new agreement with Iran

During his speech, the head of the American diplomacy set out 12 conditions that the Trump administration wished to see respected for the eventual realization of a new agreement. Iran must, among other things, stop developing ballistic missiles, release American nationals detained in its prisons or stop supporting Hezbollah in Syria and other countries in the region.

Mike Pompeo also called for the closure of the Arak heavy water reactor. In the agreement signed in Vienna, Tehran had nevertheless agreed to modify this infrastructure to make it impossible to produce plutonium for military purposes, which was done under the supervision of international organizations. Mike Pompeo acknowledged that these 12 conditions might “seem unrealistic”, but called them “basic”.

The US Secretary of State also assured that the United States would exert “unprecedented financial pressure” on Iran, with “the strongest sanctions in history”, if Tehran refused to comply with their demands. .

These demands are made two weeks after the US President announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal signed in July 2015 after 21 months of negotiations. Iranian President Hassan Rohani reacted by referring to a “psychological war” waged by Washington .


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