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White People Kneel Before Black Community To Beg For Forgiveness For Years Of Racism (Video)

A video shared online shows the moment White people went on their knees to beg Black people for forgiveness for all the years of racism they have suffered.


Houstonians gathered Sunday, May 31, at Cuney Homes in the Third Ward to pray for the family of George Floyd following his murder.




During the prayer, the White people in attendance knelt down and asked for forgiveness for years of racism.


The Black community accepted the apology and joined them in prayer.


Watch the heartwarming video below.


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  1. We are all one and fogivness in life is the best to eachother and move with life join hands and let’s all be one no matter black or white – But the one who is in office should be punished for creating a mass around the world and so many deaths of innocent people- he only cears of himself not others he is the biggest raciesst person on this planet.

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