While President Macron Dances in Lagos Nigeria, Nantes Burns

A young man killed by police in Nantes, outbreak of violence in Breil. The calm returned around 1:00 in the morning. A 22-year-old died Tuesday night in Nantes after being shot by a police officer during a check, causing a wave of urban violence in  the neighborhood of Breil .

  • Tuesday night, around 20:30, 22-year-old Boubakar was killed in a Nissan car after a police check.
  • His death triggered a wave of anger and degradation in the Breil neighborhood and several neighborhoods in Nantes.

“The driver backed out of control and struck a CRS official at knee level. This immediately led to a replica of one of his colleagues who was in control security and who used his weapon, seriously injuring the driver of the vehicle, “said TF1 micro departmental director of public security, Jean- Christophe Bertrand. Several vehicles and businesses were burned. The SRPJ of Nantes and the General Inspectorate of the National Police are seized of the investigation.

A false identity, a leak, a shot

“On Tuesday evening, around 20:30, a CRS crew of six police officers checked a Nissan vehicle with only one person on board. It turned out that the driver gave a false identity. The police invited him to park and take him to the police station in Nantes as part of an identity verification procedure. The driver, it seems, sought to evade this control by operating at a brisk pace. This may be the fact that this person was  the subject of an arrest warrant in June 2017 for incidents of robbery and criminal conspiracy. One of the officers followed the progress of the vehicle until he was positioned near the driver’s seat and fired only once. Circumstances confirmed by the medical examiner who conducted the autopsy of the body this morning.

The bullet hit the victim on the neck, causing his death. “

In Nigeria, Macron celebrates African creativity at the pace of Afrobeat

Emmanuel Macron has exceptionally dropped jacket and tie Tuesday night to celebrate the African creativity in a concert hall in Lagos, high spot of Afrobeat protester of the Nigerian icon Fela Kuti. “We must show the vitality of African culture, of which Nigeria is a showcase,” said the French president before going to Shrine. Coming from Mauritania where he attended the African Union summit on Monday, Emmanuel Macron made a brief stop in Abuja to meet with his counterpart Muhammadu Buhari , who chairs the country’s most populous and the largest economy on the continent. “A country must,” according to the French president, anxious not to limit the action of Paris to French-speaking Africa.

Yet, the Macron-Buhari meeting, a strategic challenge for the future

The meeting between Emmanuel Macron and Muhammadu Buhari is of strategic importance. The English-speaking giant is an oil power and a demographic giant of more than 120 million inhabitants. Far, far away from Nantes …



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