While Countries Legalize Cannabis, France’s Emmanuel Macron Puts the Fine to 200 Euros

Cannabis users   will be hit in the wallet. The National Assembly voted Friday, November 23, the creation of a fixed fine of 200 euros for “smokers joints”.

Objective: to better punish the illegal use of narcotics, which until now had been punishable only by a prison sentence and a large fine, rarely pronounced. The article was adopted by the deputies by 28 votes to 14 during the first reading examination of the justice reform project.

The amount of the lump sum fine that was finally voted is lower than expected. At the beginning, the Minister of Justice, Nicole Belloubet, provided for a fixed fine of € 300.

“The amount of the fixed penalty would be minus 250 euros and the increased fixed fine of 600 euros” ,  she had  said in April. The deputies have, in fact, followed the recommendations of the parliamentary report of deputies Eric Poulliat (LREM) and Robin Reda (LR): the text envisaged a fine between 150 and 200 euros.


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