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Who speaks the best English in Africa? And the answer is Uganda. According to the world linguistic Agency, Uganda takes the cake for being the best English speaking African nation.

Uganda speaks an English dialect known as Uglish. As the best English speaking African nation, it does not mean Uganda speaks the language without faults. The degree is just lower than others. The problems of transliteration, accent and phonological interference cuts across too.

First off, the idea behind the best English speaking African nation ranking is in no way to slight any nation. Africa is a continent of an entirely different culture from the west. So, it is understandable that some African countries are still not fluent in them. As a matter of fact, not all the nations of the world fancy the English language.

In Africa particularly, there is a concern on the quick fading of some native languages because of the influence of the west via formal education in schools. To avert the pending possibility, certain moves have been made. For instance, some native languages are now taught in school; parents are advised to communicate more with their children in their mother tongue; writers such as Ngugi Wa Thiongo advocate for more literary works in our cultural languages.


However, the idea is not to completely abolish the foreign languages in African society, not at all. It will definitely affect communication both within and outside the continent.

Such languages as the Lingua Franca aid communication between and among the multi-culturally diverse peoples in Africa. It is a medium by which people of different ethnic groups interact with each other.

In the same way, the English language is the global/international language at the moment. As we strive to promote our own, it is also advisable that some international languages such as English and French are learned as well. Some power nations are working towards making their languages as globally accepted as possible.

Like we say, anything worth doing is worth doing well. There are 28 English speaking African nations. From these 28, the World Linguistic Agency made a list of those who speak the best of English language in Africa.

Best English Speaking Countries In Africa:


1. Uganda

2. South Africa

3. Nigeria

4. Kenya

5. Zambia

6. Botswana

7. Zimbabwe

8. Malawi

9. Ghana

10. Rwanda

11. Sudan

It is also worthy to mention that as some countries were not colonized by the British, their Lingua franca differs. It will be asking too much to expect fluency from them.


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