When The Pentagon Calls Donald Trump To Leave His Post By Accident [Read Tweet]

When the Pentagon calls Donald Trump to leave his post ... by accident© Jason Reed Source: Reuters
An aerial view of the Pentagon


A strange tweet appeared on the evening of November 16, on the Twitter thread of the official account of the US Department of Defense. A message, initially posted by a certain “ProudResister” (“Resistant Proud”) who said: “The solution is simple. Ray Moore: leaves the election campaign. Al Franken: leave Congress. Donald Trump: resigns from the presidency. Republican Party: Stop making sexual harassment a party issue. It’s a crime like your hypocrisy. “The tweet was referring to Democratic Senator Al Franken and Alabama State Senate candidate Roy Moore, recently accused of sexual violence.

The tweet did not remain long on the account of the Pentagon and was quickly removed. According to US Defense spokeswoman Dana White, this was a mistake.

“A person authorized to manage the official account of the Department of Defense has inadvertently retweeted content that does not reflect the position of the Pentagon. She became aware of this mistake and quickly removed it, ” said Dana White, still on Twitter .


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