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When the Brazilian Ronaldo Tackles Cristiano Ronaldo: “I’m the real Ronaldo. It’s Me and there are not two”

While he was often very reserved, Ronaldo de Lima made a media release during which he threw a few spades at his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo:  ” I am the real Ronaldo. It’s me and there are not two. This does not detract from the merit of other players who call themselves like me. For example, Cristiano deserves all he has won. He is an incredible player . “A statement that shows that Ronaldo de Lima is inculcating the Portuguese star and criticism at the same time.

Questioned later The Gazzetta dello Sport , Ronaldo, now president of Valladolid, returned to comparisons with his namesake Cristiano Ronaldo


“It’s a debate that has always amused me, but I say it makes no sense. We are different, him and me, “ he said before continuing.

“I would say we are different. We did not have the same role and the way of interpreting it, even if it now plays more in the axis and closer to the opposing surface. But he has a different way of doing it, even if the purpose is the same. (…) On the desire to score, we are similar, “ he explained, pointing to another difference in weight. “I was training because I had to, he’s training because he likes it. If I had trained like him … “

Even if CR7’s career is not over yet, he will still have plenty of time to make his mark in Juventus history, looking for why not the Champions League at the end of the season. Beyond his many goals, his records and Ballons d’Or, Cristiano Ronaldo can boast of having made his name by being the namesake of a football legend.

Brazilian Ronaldo Luis Nazário de Lima is clearly an absolute reference despite a career spoiled by injuries. His inventiveness, his lightning speed, his power and his efficiency allowed him to establish himself as the most recognized center-forward of his time. Portuguese is not leftovers either. With 5 gold balls to his credit and several other titles, he has already made a place in the history of world football.


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