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When Rihanna Indulges In A “Parade” Worthy Of The Neyorkese Fashion Week [Photos]

Even if she has taken a few pounds, Rihanna is determined to prove that she is still a fashionable star as our colleagues of the public people magazine said. Its curves will not be able to prevent it from putting in Mini-skirt and leggings or legging molding. In the streets of New York where she was seen this Friday, the native singer of the barbade offered a parade worthy of a Fashion Week, to the delight of the paparazzi who did not miss the opportunity to immortalize this moment.


Since the launch of her beauty brand Fenty Beauty on September 8 in New York, Rihanna travels the world’s major cities to discover all the cosmetics she has designed. She had already been seen in London some time ago with her boyfriend Hassan, after staying there for a long time shortly before. Rihanna is finally back in New York City, where she has an apartment and where she likes to come to rest.

On this occasion, the paparazzi are therefore on the lookout for the slightest exit of the singer in the streets of the Big Apple. They were obviously delighted to film the beautiful Barbadian since she does not hide. When she goes to a party organized by Vogue, she puts on the denim set. To go to the Gym the next day, it is in leggings molding and pull XL that it is seen. Rihanna proves once again that she is the queen of style and that the attacks on her weight are only a distant memory that would be far from affecting her.


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